LWVSC Wins Award for Districting Work

On December 9, the 2018 Community Organization Award was presented to the League by the Snohomish County Human Rights Commission. This award recognizes the League's efforts to advance the democratic representation of voters in the city of Everett through electing city council representatives by district across the city.

LWVSC Everett Districting Committee

In spring, 2016, the LWVSC Districting Committee began working in partnership with Everett Districts Now for districted voting in the city of Everett. The combined effort sought to address the disparity in representation on the City Council in Everett where all council members were elected at large. The League supported a five-district, two-at-large city council.

The League's position was explained in:

  • Letter to Everett City Council, October, 2017, explaining the League's position.
  • Letter to the Editor, Everett Herald, dated November 22, 2017, explaining the League's support of a five-district, two at-large system.

On the November, 2018, ballot were two propositions regarding Everett districting. Results of that election were:

  • 18,389 (55,85%) of Everett voters approved Proposition 1, changing the Everett City Charter to include a combination of districts and at-large seats for electing the Everett City Council.
  • 16,780 (53.40%) of Everett voters approved Proposition 2A, creating five districts and two at-large seats.

This will be a historic change for fair and equitable representation of all Everett residents on their City Council. Going forward, EDN will be using the configuration and map based on population per the last census in 2010.  New lines will be drawn on the map from the 2020 census.

The Everett Districting Committee is continuing to monitor the City of Everett Council meetings, noting any items regarding the districting process. We are also collaborating with the LWVSC Diversity Outreach Committee to help us with our actions, most especially reaching out to persons of color or under-represented persons who live in Everett.