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Diversity Outreach Committee

The focus of our work is to develop and maintain our relationships with people and groups in the African American, Latino, Asian, Native American, and Muslim communities. We will learn about their issues and priorities (especially those that good legislation can address); facilitate their connections with legislators; and share what we learn in their community media. We'll expand the legislative news that the State League publishes to emphasize the effect of legislation on these communities. As we proceed with our work and the ongoing advocacy that we have developed, we’ll keep our community connections informed with periodic updates in the media that their community relies on.

Interested in helping us? We are always looking for committee members who enjoy doing research, and who will work with the Communications team, Voter Services, the Action Chair, and other active individuals and teams in the LWVSC.

For more information, contact Jeanne Crevier, jeannemcrevier(at)gmail.com, or Julieta Crosby, julieta.crosby(at)yahoo.com.

Listening Session Held

The Diversity Outreach Committee hosted a Multicultural Community Listening Session in February, 2019, at Everett Community College.

Individuals in ethnic/cultural groups in our area were invited to engage in an open dialogue about their focus, objectives, and current issues. We listened, were inspired, and will use what we heard to make connections and plans, and foster engagement.

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