Gun Sales Not Essential

Contact Governor Inslee to say the gun industry is not an essential service.

The Trump administration has determined that the firearms industry — from manufacturing to retail sales and shooting ranges — is a “critical” service that should continue to operate amid the coronavirus crisis. Once again the president, at the urging of the NRA, is undermining public safety. His most recent order, which is not a mandate, demands that gun dealers and gun shops be considered “essential” services that cannot be shut down in our current emergency. Gun dealers are in no way akin to health providers, grocery stores and pharmacies.

Increased gun and ammunition sales are likely to increase incidents of domestic violence and suicides. Restricting gun sales as a temporary measure is like current restrictions on public gatherings, which are legitimate and have been deemed constitutional in cases such as our current pandemic situation.

Please send Governor Inslee an e-message using this form or phone 360-902-4111.

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