LWV-SC, in partnership with Everett Districts Now, is working for districted voting in the city of Everett. This seeks to address the disparity in representation on the City Council in Everett where all council members are elected at large. The League supports a five-district, two-at-large city council.

Want to learn more about the LWV-SC position on districted voting in Everett?

  • Letter to Everett City Council, October, 2017, explaining the League's position.
  • Letter to the Editor, Everett Herald, dated November 22, 2017, explaining the League's support of a five-district, two at-large system.
  • The November, 2017, Magazine on the Air program provides updates on the 4-3 or 5-2 districts, and more.

In 2017, there were not enough petition signatures to put a districting measure on the November ballot. For the November, 2018 ballot, EDN is circulating a new petition which needs 4,200 signatures by July 8, based on the last general election’s turnout. The petition again calls for five districts plus two at-large for the governance of the city.

You must sign a petition in person. Petitions are available at Café Zippy, 1502 Rucker, the Everett Transit Station, and at the Everett Farmers Market and other events. Or, look for volunteers walking your neighborhood!

Going forward, EDN is using the configuration and map based on population per the last census in 2010.  New lines will be drawn on the map from the 2020 census.