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Joining the League of Women Voters of Snohomish County is a great way to get involved in your community and play an active role in our democracy.

Our members work year-round to register new voters, host community forums and debates, and provide voters with the election information they need.  We engage at the local and state levels on legislative priorities and efforts to improve our elections.  We study current issues with other League members and advocate on these issues.  Your membership makes our voice even stronger!

Any person, 16 years of age or older, who subscribes to the purposes and policy of the League is eligible for membership. With your annual membership in the local League, you also become a member of the national League and the League of Washington State.  Full- or part-time students can join for free!

Membership Levels

$60 — Single Member

$90 — Two Members in the Same Household

FREE - Student Member, 16 to 25 years old and enrolled full- or part-time in an accredited school

Join or Renew Online Using a Credit Card or PayPal

You can submit your membership payment online.

Select "Single Member" or "Two Members in Same Household" below.  After you make your selection, please fill in your phone number below so we can contact you. (We do not get your phone number from PayPal.) If you are paying for a second member in your household, indicate his/her name under "Name of Second Member."

Options and Information Needed
Phone # of Primary Member
Name of Second Member

Mail-in Membership Option

If you prefer to join or renew your membership by mail, complete this form, and mail it to the address on the form, along with your check.

Student members-please use this mail-in form to join.