New Planning Commissioner

If you live in Snohomish County District 1, please contact your County Council member Nate Nehring right away.  (By telephone at 425-388-3494 or

This month he will be re-appointing or appointing a new Snohomish County Planning Commissioner from his district.  We need members of the Planning Commission that represent real dedication to sustainable development in Snohomish County.

Your remarks could say:

Dear Council Member Nehring,
As your constituent I respectfully request that you carefully consider your choice for membership on the Planning Commission.  The Commission does valuable work evaluating planning issues that impact the development patterns in Snohomish County.  I urge you to choose someone who will help the County respond to the climate crisis we are in and help guide development toward a more sustainable community.

Home building must be planned as a piece of growth, not as its main objective. Please find someone who will hold developers accountable for building a livable county.

Thank you.


(Your name)