Redistricting is here…the once-in-every-10-years opportunity to redraw our State district maps. These maps affect your vote and your voice. These maps matter – and so does your input! 

People Powered Fair Maps is a nationwide redistricting campaign of the League of Women Voters of the United States, focused on creating fair voting districts in all 50 states. Here in Washington State, support for the national initiative is taking shape in the form of the Speak Up School project.

What is a Speak Up School? 

A power-packed training session to inspire effective testimony to the 2021 Washington State Redistricting Commission. Find out more about the commission in our Census & Redistricting Tool Kit. Speak Up Schools are a targeted strategy to improve the quality, content, and diversity of input to our Redistricting Commission. The 2021 Washington State Redistricting Commission will be hosting public input meetings during the spring and fall of 2021 in every congressional district. The League will provide training and encourage a wide range of people to testify. This training will share tools to help participants find their own voices and build effective, personal testimony.

Who Should Attend?

Everyone. Speak Up Schools are targeted to people who understand that redistricting is important, but may be hesitant to testify in front of a commission. Each session will include training on how to testify effectively, as well as suggestions to make your talking points compelling. We will prepare a diverse range of community members to speak up in ways that matter.

The League’s Goals across the State:

  • Put on 10-15 Speak Up Schools all over the state in February through April, 2021.
  • Have over 2000 people testify to the commission during public meetings in mid-2021.
  • Hold the 2021 Redistricting Commission accountable to the people of Washington by publicly documenting the desires of the residents of our state for voting districts that represent them.

Join Us!

The League encourages all residents to make their voices heard. Join us for a series of trainings that will give you all the information you need to get involved.

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Register for Redistricting 101

Learn more about district maps and how you can provide input:

Thursday, February 18, 10 to 11 a.m. Registration link

Thursday, February 18, 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. Registration link

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Resources and additional information

Learn about the process and why it matters in this podcast from our March 9, 2020 Magazine on the Air: Interview with Alison McCaffree, LWVWA Redistricting Chair

Review of Redistricting in Washington State: LWVWA 2017 Report – Washington State Redistricting

Washington Redistricting Data Lenses Project: A review of the demographics of Washington and how they could affect the district lines.

LWVWA Redistricting – downloadable slide show: A brief overview of the basics of redistricting in Washington and the US.

Brennan Center for Justice – Up to date Redistricting Information

Loyola Law School – All about Redistricting

LWVUS Redistricting Toolkit: Great resources and FAQs from a LWV national perspective

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