Serving Voters in Snohomish County

Voter Service is central to our mission. We strive to provide accurate and current information, resources, and programs for voters in Snohomish County.

County Council Candidates Forum July 2019

How to Judge a Candidate

How confident do you feel about your ability to choose a candidate to vote for? Do his/her views match yours? What qualities are important to you?  This League of Women Voter guide, How to Judge a Candidate, will help you move beyond campaign ads, social media chatter, and noisy news cycles to find the best substantive candidate who represents your values and needs.

Get Involved...

There are many ways that you can get involved with our Voter Service initiatives. Attend one of our Voter Service Committee or monthly Unit meetings. Join us at a forum on candidates or issues. Volunteer to help with voter registration efforts. Stay informed on local government activities. And, most importantly, be a consistent and well-informed voter!