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Now that you have joined the League of Women Voters, we want to answer some questions new members frequently ask.

Q: I want to learn about the League of Women Voters of Snohomish County. How do I get started?

A: The League website is set up to make it easy for you to learn about the structure of the organization. The About Us tab has information about our unit meetings along with a helpful link to our Calendar to verify the dates and times of these and other meetings.

There is also a link to Committees to help you decide which committees interest you. As you navigate through the website, you’ll notice that some words are in RED. These are active links that you can click on for more information.

Q: How do I access information in the “Members Only” section of the website?

A: Only members can access the information in the Members Only section of the website. If you are a member, please contact a unit leader, your new member ambassador, or use the “contact us” information at the bottom of the website pages for password information.

What is “The Voter” and why should I read it?

A: The Voter is the monthly newsletter of LWV Snohomish County, published September – June, and once in the summer. Members receive The Voter via email, and anyone can access current and past issues on our website. The Voter is your best source of up-to-date information about meetings and events that are scheduled for the near future. There are interesting articles, writeups about recent events, pictures, and committee reports. There is also a Voter published by the LWV of Washington, which you’ll receive in a separate monthly email from the state office. It has information on statewide elections, workshops, and events such as Lobby Day in Olympia, as well as updates from the National LWV.

The Voter Masthead

Q: How is the LWV organized?

A: The LWV operates at local, state and national levels. Joining at one level automatically makes you a member of the other two levels. Members usually participate at the local level when they first join. A Board of Directors is elected at each level of LWV per the League’s bylaws.

Q. How do members participate?

A: The level of your involvement is up to you. Some members support League activities with their dues alone, while others get involved in the various committees, or assume board positions. There are many ways to participate and we strongly recommend you attend a unit meeting to get a broad overview of what the League does.

Q. What Unit meeting should I attend?

A: Generally, people attend the Unit meeting closest to their home, but you can choose any of the scheduled meetings.

Unit Meeting DiscussionQ: What happens at a Unit meeting?

A: Meetings are generally two hours long. Unit leaders organize and run the meetings, and while agendas vary, they generally include legislative updates, committee progress reports, and a guest speaker.

Q: How can I get information on what’s happening in Olympia?

A: There is a special newsletter for this. It’s called the Legislative Newsletter. It’s a weekly update on key issues in the legislature, including Action Alerts for upcoming votes and information on current activity on major bills. You can sign up for the Legislative Newsletter at the website of the LWV of Washington.

LoWV Legislative Newsletter Masthead

Q: Does the Washington State Legislature have a website I can use to learn about bills and to communicate with my legislators?

A: Yes. is the place for finding out all about the House and Senate, what bills are being considered, committee meeting schedules, contacting your legislators, commenting on a bill, and much more. Don’t be afraid to explore this website. It’s very easy to navigate, and make your voice heard.