At the League Birthday Luncheon on March 2, the 2019 Democracy in Action Award was presented to Kristin Kelly, former executive director of Pilchuck Audubon Society. Kristin has worked for 16 years with local governments in Snohomish County to  balance growth with livability.  Through education, outreach, activism, coalition building and advocacy, she has contributed to comprehensive land use planning and development regulations to achieve more sustainable urban communities.  She has been a champion for protecting our county’s natural resources, air and water quality, and wildlife habitat from irresponsible development.

Living in Snohomish County since 1989, Kristin has been elected twice to the county’s Charter Review Commission, a group that convenes every decade to review the structure of county government. She is a former program director at Futurewise and is now on the executive committee of the Sustainable Lands Strategy.  She organized the Livable Snohomish County Coalition that encourages local governments to build sustainable urban communities and helps local citizens to become involved in land use planning in their neighborhoods.

About the Democracy in Action Award

This award is presented annually by the League of Women Voters of Snohomish County, typically at the League’s Birthday Luncheon on the third Saturday in February. The award recognizes outstanding achievement or long-term commitment to enhancing democracy in Snohomish County.

The award is presented to an individual or group in Snohomish County. Actions recognized include: serving as an elected official at the local, state, or national level; promotion of voter’s rights; advancing issues consistent with the League’s positions; and promoting citizenship development.

Nominations are accepted from the broad community, including Washington State as well as Snohomish County; from individuals, LWVSC current and past members, other groups and organizations, or from friends, family, and spouses of nominees. Self-nominations are not accepted.