2021 DinA Award

At the League Birthday Celebration on February 13, the 2021 Democracy in Action Awards recognized two organizations:

The Parent Leadership Training Institute

Washington Family Engagement, through its Parent Leadership Training Institute, educates adults from diverse backgrounds to understand how government affects their daily lives, and to recognize that they themselves have a voice. PLTI teaches in English and Spanish about public policy and governmental systems and requires Parent Leaders to initiate community projects such as workshops, examining issues, and testifying in public legislative meetings.  WAFE, whose founder and executive director is Adie Simmons, has a parallel Child Leadership Institute (CLTI) to teach similar topics at age level. These goals of leading parents and youth to become knowledgeable active participants in an effective democracy align closely with goals of the League of Women Voters who have honored them with the 2021 Democracy in Action Award.

Snohomish County Complete Count Committee

The 2020 Complete Count Committee describes itself as having aimed “toward implementing equity, respect, honesty with information shared, building of trust, empathy and reassurance, to reduce Hard to Count (HTC) areas in Snohomish County.” The team partnered with 70 organizations across the county to reach out to known hard-to-count groups including young children, highly mobile persons, racial and ethnic minorities, low-income persons, persons experiencing homelessness, non-English speakers, LGBTQ persons, and persons who distrust government. Snohomish County reported a 6.1% self-response increase over the 2010 Census. Team leader Vanesa Gutierrez was commended for her organization, communication, and upbeat nature as she oversaw a very difficult job. The League of Women Voters recognizes and applauds this impressive and diligent work through the 2021 Democracy in Action Award.

About the Democracy in Action Award

This award is presented annually by the League of Women Voters of Snohomish County, typically at the League’s Birthday Luncheon in February. The award recognizes outstanding achievement or long-term commitment to enhancing democracy in Snohomish County.

The award is presented to an individual or group in Snohomish County. Actions recognized include: serving as an elected official at the local, state, or national level; promotion of voter’s rights; advancing issues consistent with the League’s positions; and promoting citizenship development.

Nominations are accepted from the broad community, including Washington State as well as Snohomish County; from individuals, LWVSC current and past members, other groups and organizations, or from friends, family, and spouses of nominees. Self-nominations are not accepted.