Magazine on the Air producers Karen Crowley, Pam Somers, and Chad Kinsel at KSER
Magazine on the Air producers Karen Crowley, Pam Somers, and Chad Kinsel at KSER

On the second Monday of the month, at 6 p.m., the League of Women Voters of Snohomish County produces a KSER 90.7 radio program about issues of importance to the voters of Snohomish County. (If you can't get good reception on KSER 90.7 FM, try KXIR 89.9 FM Freeland.)

If you want to hear an LWVSC Magaizne on the Air program that isn't available here, email us, lwvsnohomishcounty(at), attention Karen Crowley. You can purchase a CD of the program for $2 (production, handling, and mailing).

November 9, 2020

On the evening of October 21, over 50 participants benefited from expert presentations by Dr. Richard Gammon, Dr. Jon Witte, and Elby Jones as they underscored the facts that have led to LWV’s Climate Change Emergency declaration. Their varied perspectives addressed the breadth of scientific research leading to this declaration, with some suggestions for what we can do to meet the challenges.

Podcast, Part 1 Richard Gammon (20 minutes)
Podcast, Part 2 Jon Witte (23 minutes)
Podcast, Part 3 Elby Jones (27 minutes)

August 11, 2020

Voting—Celebrate Our Choices

Our program looks back at some of the amazing activists who fought for years to secure the right to vote for women.  And, we look ahead, asking: What other voting methods could we consider?

Segment 1 podcast (30 minutes)
Meet three of the leaders and activists whose passionate work made the 19th Amendment a reality. Our radio play, Interview with our Foremothers, was written by Vicki Roberts-Gassler and is performed by Karen Madsen, Sue Renhard and Shirley Sutton.

Segment 2 podcast (26 minutes)
Interview with Lisa Ayrault, Director of Fair Vote Washington, discussing Ranked Choice Voting.

June 8, 2020

Power to the People—Who Says?

Our program this month takes up the issue of political power from three different perspectives. We look at the Census, Recall process, and the Electoral College.

Segment 1 podcast (13 minutes) Update on the 2020 Census with Vanesa Gutierrez, Snohomish County Community Relations Manager and Staff Lead for the Complete Count Committee.

Segment 2 podcast (14 minutes) Snohomish County Auditor Garth Fell explains the recall process in Washington State.

Segment 3 podcast (27 minutes) We explore the roots and reality of the Electoral College with Maria Montalvo.

May 11, 2020

How the League is working to expand voting rights, both nationally and in Washington State.

Segment 1 podcast, 26 minutes. Part 1 of interview with Jessica Jones Capparell, Policy and Legislative Affairs Senior Manager for LWVUS.

Segment 2 podcast, 11 minutes. Second part of interview with Jessica Jones Capparell.

Segment 3 podcast, 15 minutes. State Senator Marko Liias (21st District) discusses the recently passed VOTE Act, a successful effort to involve and encourage young voters here in Washington State.

April 13, 2020

You got elected! How’s that going for you?

Have you ever considered running for office? How would you mount your campaign? What is the work really like? Meet two local representatives and hear their stories. Then learn about the Everett Essentials civics education classes.

Segment 1 podcast, 23 minutes. Karen Crowley talks with first-time City of Lynnwood Council member Julietta Altamirano Crosby and with Anji Jorstad, newly elected to City Council Position 5 in Lake Stevens.

Segment 2 podcast, 23 minutes. Conversation with Julietta and Anji continues.

Segment 3 podcast, 12 minutes. Interview with Wendy McClure, Coordinator of the Office of Neighborhoods, who explains the Everett Essentials series of classes.

March 9, 2020

The Census—What is it? Why does it matter? How will it impact you? What do you need to know to participate in the count?

Karen Crowley talks with Alison McCaffree, Garth Fell, and Ben Young.  (A big thank-you to our editors and producers for this show: Pam Somers and Chad Kinsel.)

Segment 1 podcast, 20 minutes. Interview with Alison McCaffree, Executive Director of Politics of the Possible in Action and League of Women Voters Redistricting Chair, exploring the relationship between the Census and our voting districts.

Segment 2 podcast, 13 minutes. Interview with Garth Fell, Snohomish County Auditor.

Segment 3 podcast, 25 minutes.  Interview with Ben Young, Director of Marketing and Grants for C3, a key partner on the Complete Count Committee.