Magazine on the Air producers Pam Somers and Karen Crowley
Magazine on the Air producers Pam Somers and Karen Crowley

Magazine on the Air is produced in partnership with KSER Community Radio. We air on the second Monday of the month, at 6 p.m., and discuss issues of importance to the voters of Snohomish County. Listen on 90.7 FM Everett or 89.9 FM Freeland.

Links to podcasts of recent programs can be found below. If you want to hear a program that isn't available here, email us,, attention Karen Crowley.

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April 12, 2021

Spring: Elections and Discourse

This program looks at the newly created City of Everett Districts, points you to the information you need to run for office, and explores the importance of the skills taught in the upcoming Depolarizing Within workshop.

Podcast, Part 1  (29 minutes) We talk with Lois Wentink and Megan Dunn about the open positions for the new City of Everett Districts, and we review the history and challenges faced in creating these districts.

Podcast, Part 2  (17 minutes) We visit with Wendy Mauch, Snohomish County Elections and Voter Registration Supervisor, about the rules and requirements of running for office, and where to find help.

Podcast, Part 3  (10 minutes) Learn about our upcoming workshop, Depolarizing Within, a partnership between our League and Braver Angels. A conversation with Chris Cook about the range of skills being taught, and why these matter.

March 8, 2021

Just what is the Growth Management Act, and why should I care?

This program looks at the projected growth in Snohomish County and explains how the Growth Management Act serves as a roadmap to manage this ongoing and significant change.

Podcast, Part 1 (50 minutes)  A mini policy course on the Growth Management Act. Our speaker is Tim Trohimovich, the Co-Director of Planning and Law at Futurewise. The presentation was co-sponsored by our League and Sno-Isle Sierra Club.

Podcast, Part 2 (8 minutes) We visit with Kate Lunceford for an update on the work of the Natural Resources Committee and the Washington Can’t Wait campaign.

February 8, 2021

How local journalism keeps us whole – and what happens when we lose it.

This program takes up the subject of journalism – an industry that is facing deep and disturbing challenges across the nation, and right here in Snohomish County.

Podcast, Part 1 (33 minutes)  The state of local journalism: We talk with Josh O’Connor, president of Sound Publishing, and Phil O’Connor, Executive Director of The Daily Herald.

Podcast, Part 2 (23½ minutes) The League and Journalism – What we stand to lose: We hear from the co-chairs of the newly established League of Women Voters working group focusing on Journalism, Dee Anne Finken and Sally Carpenter Hale.

January 11, 2021

It’s a New Year. Make a Resolution to Speak Up!

This program urges each of us to resolve to make our voices heard in 2021 and gives suggestions for how to do just that.

Podcast, Part 1 (25 minutes)   2021 Legislative Session: We talk with Nancy Sapiro, lead lobbyist for The League of Women Voters Washington. In this role, Nancy advocates for a wide range of positions and issues supported by our State and local Leagues. She fills us in on the new legislative session. We discuss League legislative goals, and we learn how to stay on top of progress in this long, budget session and how to get involved.

Podcast, Part 2 (15 minutes)   Redistricting Redux: We reconnect with Alison McCaffree, League Redistricting Chair, to get an update on redistricting activities to date. We discuss the two Commissioners appointed by Democratic legislative leaders and describe our Speak Up School project.

December 14, 2020

The Reunited States

This program was recorded on November 13 – after the presidential election and before Thanksgiving. It’s a discussion about the documentary film, The Reunited States. The event was a collaboration with Braver Angels, a citizens’ organization uniting red and blue Americans in a working alliance to de-polarize America. Over 100 people joined  director Ben Rehki, and Susan Bro and Erin Leaveton for a deep and insightful conversation. Our moderator was Braver Angels member Mark Church.

The final segment is an interview with League Member Starlyn Nackos about a unique project to remember local suffragists.

Podcast, Part 1 Reunited States Discussion  (29 minutes)
Podcast. Part 2 Reunited States Discussion (21 minutes)
Podcast, Part 3 Thank-Her 2020 Project  (7 minutes)

November 9, 2020

On the evening of October 21, over 50 participants benefited from expert presentations by Dr. Richard Gammon, Dr. Jon Witte, and Elby Jones as they underscored the facts that have led to LWV’s Climate Change Emergency declaration. Their varied perspectives addressed the breadth of scientific research leading to this declaration, with some suggestions for what we can do to meet the challenges.

Podcast, Part 1 Richard Gammon (20 minutes)
Podcast, Part 2 Jon Witte (23 minutes)
Podcast, Part 3 Elby Jones (27 minutes)

August 11, 2020

Voting—Celebrate Our Choices

Our program looks back at some of the amazing activists who fought for years to secure the right to vote for women.  And, we look ahead, asking: What other voting methods could we consider?

Segment 1 podcast (30 minutes)
Meet three of the leaders and activists whose passionate work made the 19th Amendment a reality. Our radio play, Interview with our Foremothers, was written by Vicki Roberts-Gassler and is performed by Karen Madsen, Sue Renhard and Shirley Sutton.

Segment 2 podcast (26 minutes)
Interview with Lisa Ayrault, Director of Fair Vote Washington, discussing Ranked Choice Voting.

Civics Education on the Air

Magazine on the Air has hosted a range of programs that provide basic information about how our government processes work, locally and nationally. We’ve assembled these into one list. We hope you will find this helpful.

Redistricting in Washington State—The 2021 Process

We talk with Alison McCaffree, LWVWA Redistricting Chair, about Redistricting and the League’s Speak Up School project. Podcast (15 minutes)

Ranked Choice Voting

A conversation with Lisa Ayrault, Director of Fair Vote Washington.  Podcast (26 minutes)

Electoral College

We explore the roots and reality of the Electoral College with Maria Montalvo. Podcast (27 minutes)

Recall Process in Washington State

Explained by Garth Fell, Snohomish County Auditor. Podcast (13 minutes)

VOTE Act, Expanding Access for Young Voters

State Senator Marko Liias (21st District) discusses this act, passed in 2020, which addresses voting barriers for young adults. Podcast (15 minutes)