Use Crisis to Make Needed Changes

The COVID-19 crisis has shown a bright light on the inequities in our current social and economic systems. The disparities in health care, housing, employment and more for people of color have been glaring, and they will only get worse in the next few months.

As a result, consistent with our emphasis on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, the League of Women Voters of Washington State is asking the Legislature to address these disparities to the extent they can, while having to address budget shortfalls. A special session is likely within the next few months, and planning for it is underway now. We are asking the Legislature to use this crisis as an opportunity to make needed changes.

Please consider sending emails to or calling your own legislators with messages in support of:

  • Passing the capital gains tax
  • Maintaining the budget for affordable housing development
  • Preparing now for the coming surge in homelessness
  • Supporting retaining the Medicaid program at current levels or even expanding it
  • Planning for the future by establishing work groups to define pathways to a variety of measures that would create longer-lasting system corrections (e.g., health care for all, greater equality in education and criminal justice, expansion of necessary infrastructure, such as broadband internet access for rural communities and those currently unable to afford Wi-Fi service); and policies that recognize the need for climate mitigation and to assure climate justice.

While funding is limited at the moment, now is the time to plan for when the economy improves.

LWVWA has an easy-to-use letter that you can customize and send.